What is the Truth?

Illuminated CrossYes, you guessed it, we're Christians - and our faith is really important to us. "Why?", we can hear you asking. "Aren't all religions the same?" Well, the truth is, that no, they're not.

You see, most religions have a similar philosophical base - that is, they all agree that you should practice doing good. But the thing that really sets Christianity apart from other religions, is it's emphasis on RELATIONSHIP - our relationship with God and with others.

Are you interested yet?

What's this stuff about relationships?

Well, you think you're a good person, right? And being a good person should be enough to get you into heaven, yeh? After all, you're sure you've got nothing to hide (well nothing really serious, anyway)! So lets take a look at you against the ultimate benchmark -

The Ten Commandments

Here are just four of them:

If you answered yes to just these four questions, then by your own confession you are -

a lying, thieving, adulterous murderer!

You see, in God's economy, sin is sin - it's not about degrees - good can't be bad, and bad can't be good. And its not just about what we've done - its about the state of our hearts - and if we are honest with ourselves, they are as black as pitch.

God is all good

God is perfect, pure, holy. And that means that he can't be around anything that isn't good - that is, anything sinful, blemished, imperfect, impure or unholy - which is what we are. That means that sin, any sin - no matter how big or small - separates us from God, and there is nothing that we can do to fix that because we are the problem. We can't score brownie points with God because he knows us.  That separation from God will become permanent when we die.

Here's the good part

Illuminated CrossGod originally made us with the intention that we should have a relationship with him, but he already knew that our imperfection would get in the way. According to his own law, a sinless person could pay the penalty for us and restore that relationship.

But he also knew that there was only ever going to be one sinless person, and that was his own son, Jesus. Jesus never committed a sin, yet he died a shameful death so that you and I could have a relationship with God, his Father. Think of it - God loves us so much that he graciously sacrificed his own Son! And Jesus willing made the sacrifice of his own life.

But that wasn't the end of the story!

Because Jesus was the Son of God, he rose again from death and broke the curse of death over our lives for all time.

So what's the catch?

There isn't one! That's the best part! Remember, there is NOTHING you can do to make yourself right with God, so quit trying so hard!  However, like any gift, it doesn't become ours until we choose to accept it.

So your part in this is to:

Here is a prayer that you might like to pray:

Illuminated CrossDear Jesus,

I acknowledge that I am a sinner, and no matter what I do, I can never make myself good enough. I accept that you have paid the price for my sin and that I am forgiven. I repent of all my sin, and ask you to take control of my life and make me more like you.


If you just prayed this prayer, then...


You can now know that you have fellowship with God. Not only that, but when you chose to trust in Jesus to save you, God adopted you into his family as his child and all of the benefits of his kingdom are yours!

Now, about that relationship...

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